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Wednesday June 11, 2008The Music Council of Australia today launched the inaugural National Instrument Bank at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

img00087.jpgYoung South Australian of the Year Niki Vasilakis played exceptionally on the first instrument of the National Instrument Bank, an Otello Bignami violin worth $50,000.

Richard Letts Executive Director of the Music Council of Australia said The National Instrument Bank will enable our finest musicians to play on world-class instruments. By loaning or donating an instrument, benefactors and corporations can assist our musicians in achieving excellence and bringing pleasure to thousands of people.

Niki Vasilakis said This initiative allows musicians the opportunity to explore a wider tonal palette and to lift their performance to a level they may not have imagined. We are not only competing against the world's best players, but against the world's best instruments - instruments that are often better than we have in Australia.

Today's launch heralds the beginning of a visionary initiative - Australian musicians now have the opportunity to play the highest quality musical instruments, and compete on the same level as their counterparts in Europe and the US.


The National Instrument Bank is an exciting concept which offers patrons of the arts a concrete and creative way to help our best musicians realize their true potential. The ever-increasing value of fine string instruments puts them beyond the reach of musicians. The National Instrument Bank offers individuals and corporations the opportunity to purchase instruments then loan these scarce, fine musical instruments to emerging and established high level professional musicians. Australian musicians are often disadvantaged in the international market by lack of access to fine instruments. Put simply, to be competitive on the world stage, Australia's musicians need better instruments.