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Marc HannafordAnnual concert at The Studio of the Sydney Opera House, August 5, 2013, to decide the winner of the MCA/Freedman Jazz Fellowship 2013

A personal report by Dick Letts

Melbourne pianist Marc Hannaford won with an extraordinary performance ranging from virtuosic ragtime to amazing exploratory music of great subtlety and rhythmic complexity.

Marc is a phenomenon. His band, just James McLean, drums, and Sam Pankhurst, bass, were with him all the way on this most difficult but inspiring ride. Marc will use his award money to make a recording in New York with Australian trumpet player Scott Tinkler and two top American improvisers, Tom Rainey and Ellery Eskelin. I wish the Americans the best of luck in matching the contributions of the two Melbourne sidemen.

Marc will study for a PhD at Columbia University and has wily plans to make himself a successful member of the NY scene over the next five years. And that is the sort of development the Fellowship is supposed to assist. I think we will be hearing about him over the great American megaphone. Marc is excited by the prospect of his American adventure but very much enjoys the Melbourne jazz scene and plans to return there when he has landed his degree.

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Christopher Hale

Bass guitarist Christopher Hale was the recipient of the 2012 MCA/Freedman Fellowship for Jazz. "Chris Hale’s ensemble edged out the competition with its variety, cohesion and sheer excellence," said the judges. He intends to use the fellowship for intensive mentorship, recording and performance collaborations with two master musicians, Simon Barker in Australia and Kim Ju-Hong in Korea, developing new instrumental approaches for the bass guitar based on traditional Korean drumming practices.

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Matt Keegan

Sydney saxophonist Matt Keegan was the recipient of the 2011 MCA/Freedman Fellowship for Jazz. His objective is to create new music and cultivate international cross-cultural relationships through artistic collaboration. As part of his Freedman Fellowship project Matt sought to develop a blend of music that organically combines the sounds styles and rhythms of Indian folk music with a jazz sense of form, instrumentation, harmonic concepts, and production aesthetic.

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Ben Hauptmann

Guitarist Ben Hauptmann was the recipient of the 2010 MCA/Freedman Fellowship for Jazz. "Ben Hauptmann is our choice because the beauty of his music shone through in a very individual performance," said the judges. "This is a very personal and mature voice, revealed both in his playing and in his musical vision for his ensemble"

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Kristin Berardi

Vocalist Kristin Berardi was the recipient of the 2007 MCA/Freedman Fellowship for Jazz, her project being to travel to New York and record an album of original material.

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Julien Wilson

Saxophonist Julien Wilson was the recipient of the 2006 MCA/Freedman Fellowship for Jazz. The judges, Judy Bailey, Carl Dewhurst, and Steve Hunter awarded the Fellowship following his performance at Freedman Jazz in the Studio of the Sydney Opera House with his band, the Julien Wilson Trio.

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Matt McMahon

Sydney pianist and composer, Matt McMahon began classical piano lessons when he was seven, but it was in his teens that his interest in jazz began, influenced by the recordings of Miles Davis and Weather Report and live performances by such Australian greats as Mike Nock, Bernie McGann and Paul Grabowsky. Matt completed a BA from the University of Sydney in 1992 with an honours degree in English Literature. He later completed an Associate Diploma in Jazz Studies from the NSW Conservatorium of Music where he studied with Mike Nock and Roger Frampton, and studied in New York.

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James Muller

One of Australia's most acclaimed jazz musicians, Sydney guitarist and composer, James Muller has performed with Vince Jones, James Morrison, and the internationally acclaimed Chad Wackerman group. James has recorded three albums for the ABC, and has performed on a multitude of local releases since moving to Sydney from Adelaide in 1996.

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Andrew Robson

Jazz Fellowship winner, saxophonist Andrew Robson studied in New York with saxophonists David Liebman and Steve Coleman. As a member of the Grandmasters led by Jackie Orszaczky Andrew twice toured Europe and features on three of Jackie's CD releases.

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Phil Slater

The 2002 Jazz Fellowship was awarded to trumpet player, composer and band leader Phil Slater. Phil is a Sydney-based musician of great musical originality and integrity. He has performed with the Mike Nock Quintet and Big Small Band, Dale Barlow, dig, AustraLysis, Barney McAll Unit, and many other ensembles.

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Andrea Keller

Andrea Keller was born in Sydney, Australia of Czech parents in 1973. Convinced from a young age that she would make a career in classical music, her aspirations took a different direction after she discovered jazz at the age of 14.