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Music Forum 8/5 June 2002

The artistic, professional and personal demands placed on the film and television composer are seen in two lights in this edition of the screen composition series. We explore an important business aspect of film and television music, being the administration of performing rights for broadcast performances.

Michelle O'Donnell, the Film and Television Writer Services Manager from APRA, shares her observations on the current state of the Screen Music Industry in Australia, while offering guidance on this issue of performing rights. A perspective on the artistic and professional challenges of the individual composer are then shared by Yantra de Vilder. Her insights to an "On the Couch" event with screen and concert composer Michael Nyman are included, an event hosted by the Australian Guild of Screen Composers earlier this year. -- Leah Curtis

Michelle O'Donnell

Performers Need Copyright Too PDF Print E-mail

Lindy Morrison

The present government's pre-election arts policy "For Art's Sake a Fair Go" promised it would devise a workable performers' copyright legislation. They have avoided the issue about providing performers' rights as a whole.