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The Music Council now has a dynamic resource for career information in the music sector.  The purpose is to inform those that seek a career in music, and support those who have a career in music, with relevant and useful information.

Australian Guide to Careers in Music and the Music Career wiki

Associate Professor Dr Michael Hannan of Southern Cross University was engaged to research the scope and circumstances of careers in music or music-related activity. He has compiled information about nearly 200 work categories. The research was completed in June 2002, and was published by the Music Council and the University of NSW Press in a book, An Australian Guide to Careers in Music, in February 2003.

The book is also available, in an extended online format, on the Music Career wiki:

The resource is stuctured with the following sections:

Music in Australia

  • A collection of articles about the music sector in Australia, and having a career in music (wiki only)

Career Options

Professional Development

Skills and Education

Front Cover: Australian Guide to Careers in Music (book)Bulletins

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The Australian Guide to Careers in Music

by Michael Hannan

ISBN: 9780868405100, 304p p, PB , 240x165mm

Music Career wiki

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