How To Reset Your Password PDF Print E-mail

This article explains in words and pictures how an MCA member can set or reset their password. Please note, it assumes you are already a member. It cannot be used to become one.

  1. Find Members on the menu bar. It is on the right-hand-side of the menu bar between Join MCA and Contacts. Roll your mouse over Members and select My Account in the menu items that appear below it. This will take you to a page that looks like this:
    forgotten password
    NB: Your Username is your email address.
  2. Because you don't yet have a password, click on the Forgotten your Password? link. You will be taken the following page
    forgotten password2
    Enter your Username (your email address) and press the Submit button.
  3. If the system doesn't recognise your Username (your email address) you'll see the following:
  4. If this happens, check that you have entered your email address correctly. 
    If you have entered the correct email address, or you don't know if you have, please email MCA administration ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or telephone 03 9507 2315 and they will help you sort it out.

    If you've entered an email address the system recognises, you will see the following:
  5. The message sent to your email address will look something like this:
    Subject: Your Music Council of Australia password reset request
    Hello, a request has been made to reset your Music Council of Australia account password.
    To reset your password, you will need to submit this token in order to verify that the request was legitimate.
    The token is de1500fa3286da832725455415c62ab9 .
    Click on the URL below to enter the token and proceed with resetting your password.
    Thank you.
  6. Copy the 'token' in the normal way (command-C) - (don't include the dot at the end), then
    Click on the link and Paste it into the Token box provided:
  7. Type your Username (your email address) into the box provided and press the Submit button.
  8. If successful, you will then be able to set your own password:
    Type a non-obvious password into both these boxes and hit the Submit button. Remember to include a numeral or two as well as some upper and lower case letters.
  9. If successful, you will be taken to the MCA Members login page ( menu: Members / Log In/Out):
  10. memberLogin

Notice that whenever you are logged in, your Username will be displayed faintly under the menu bar on the left:

If you run into difficulties negotiating this process, please contact MCA administration (under the Contacts menu) during business hours and they will be only too willing to assist you.