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Thank you for your interest in supporting the objectives of the Music Council of Australia.


The Music Council is the only organisation working for all aspects of music and musical life in Australia. Its information service empowers musicians and music lovers, its advocacy and research programs press governments for beneficial change, its projects are hands-on in organising think tanks, making awards to musicians, and much more.

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Donations to the Music Council are tax-deductible. Your receipt proves the donation and notes the Music Council’s tax-deductibility status.


The Music Council would be happy to spend your donation according to your choice among the programs for which it needs financial assistance. Please put a mark beside your preferred objective.

  • Education: Music. Play for Life’s work in getting better music education in schools.
  • Community: The Music in Communities Network’s work in building up musical opportunities in communities.
  • Youth: The work of the Australian Youth Music Council.
  • Careers: Work to assist the careers of musicians young and older.
  • Instruments: The National Instrument Bank’s loan of high quality instruments to high quality musicians. (You can also donate or loan instruments to the Bank).
  • Research: To support advocacy for music education, music, musicians, any number of important issues.
  • Disaster relief: The Resound project’s work in providing musical instruments to people who lost their instruments in natural disasters – bushfires, floods, cyclones….
  • Everything: Any of the Music Council’s current high priorities.


In making your donation, simply indicate which of the above is your preferred objective.

Direct Deposit

You may donate by Direct Deposit to: BSB 032 053 Account number 193869
Mark it "Education", "Youth", etc

So we can be absolutely sure of allocating your donation correctly, it would help us if you send a copy of the bank's confirmation of transfer to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Credit Card or Cheque

Credit Card You may donate by Credit Card over the telephone by calling the MCA office during business hours (EST) on 0413 320554 To donate by Credit Card.

Everyday Hero

Make a donation online via Everyday Hero