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As often as not, before the existence of the MCA there was no representation on behalf of the musical world in Australia when issues affecting it arose, because there was no organisation that took responsibility for the whole of music rather than small sections of it. Music has been the loser.

MCA sees as one of its primary reasons for existence a role as music's advocate. In some instances it acts alone. In others, it collaborates with other national bodies, whether music organisations with a special focus such as choral music, national cross-arts form organisations where it speaks for music, such as ArtsPeak, the national alliance of arts service and advocacy organisations, or the National Advocates for Arts Education. It also participates in international organisations such as the International Music Council and the International Network for Cultural Diversity.

Some advocacy is reactive, responding to events in the world such as initiatives by governments or the bureaucracy. Some advocacy is proactive: the Music Council perceives a need and takes a decision to advocate change.

On this website, advocacy papers are ordered by year of submission. To browse MCA advocacy papers, please use the Advocacy Menu to select a year. If you're looking for a particular paper, please use the search tool found in the MCA banner, above.