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The purpose of the Music Council of Australia (MCA) is to bring together all sections of the music community in order to advance a diverse and vibrant musical life throughout Australia. To achieve this, MCA, independently and in partnership, gathers and provides information, conducts research, undertakes advocacy, ensures representation in relevant forums, and initiates and realises projects that advance musical life.


The MCA is a 50-member national peak music organisation for Australia. Its members include nominees of major national music organisations, and distinguished individuals expert in various aspects of music. The membership structure is designed to ensure representation from a broad range of musical genres, the various levels of music education, and the many ways of documenting music and bringing it before its audiences. The MCA is the official Australian representative to the UNESCO International Music Council (IMC), Paris, the world peak music organisation. It is also a member of the International Network for Cultural Diversity (INCD), Ottawa and the International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (IFCCD). It categorises its activities as Information Services, Research, Advocacy and Representation, and Project Management.

See also Annual Reports of past activities.


See the list of current council members.


An Honorary Lifetime Member of the Music Council of Australia is a person who has given exceptional service to the organisation, is not now an MCA Councillor, and has accepted the invitation of the Council to become an Honorary Lifetime Member.

As of the AGM in 2012, the Honorary Lifetime Members were:

  • Helen Colman, a member of the founding Steering Committee and subsequently the Board Secretary.
  • Hans Hoegh-Guldberg has made an exception contribution as a Board Member, researcher (A Statistical Framework for the Music Industry. A Scoping Study - for the Statistics Working Group of the Australian Cultural Ministers Council) and as founder and editor of the online MCA Music in Australia Knowledge Base.
  • Dr Sylvan “Schmoe” Elhay, member for jazz, member of the founding Steering Committee, inaugural Treasurer, Chair 2004-2008, and a founder of the MCA Journal of Music Research Online. A contributor virtually throughout the life of the Council.
  • Prof. Michael Hannan, Chairperson of the MCA and author of The Australian Guide to Careers in Music, published by the MCA and UNSW Press.
  • Brett Kelly, hard-working Treasurer in some difficult early years.
  • Joan Livermore, member of the founding Steering Committee and then of the Board of Directors.
  • Beverley McAlister, member of the founding Steering Committee and then of the Board of Directors; she gave guidance in matters around community music development.
  • Lindy Morrison, Board member, who gave great assistance to community music initiatives and guidance in issues around performers' rights.
  • Kenneth W Tribe, member of the founding Steering Committee and then for a few years the Council. Ken guided the Steering Committee in deciding the legal structure of the Council and then wrote the Articles and registered the organisation. Ken passed away in 2010 but we keep his memory on this list.
  • Mary Turner, member of the founding Steering Committee and then of the Board of Directors; she gave guidance in matters around community music development among other things.
  • Dr David Worrall was a member of the preparatory Steering Committee and then an inaugural member of the Council. He was immensely supportive on both – and unexpectedly returned in 2010 as MCA Projects Manager.


Information about Council Administration is are available from our contacts page.